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Loaded with extra butter, our Butter Cookies are ultra buttery and crumbly. Altogether, it is not too sweet too!

While they may look simple, these butter cookies are definitely addictive to your taste buds.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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9 reviews for Signature Butter Cookies

  1. Ellis

    Ordered the butter and coffee/chocolate cookies. Love them both, especially the butter ones! The cookies melt into mouth instantly so you can tell they really use high quality butter. My parents love it too. Worth purchasing and will recommend to my family too:) Can’t wait to try out their cheese cookies next time!

  2. Qian (verified owner)

    Tried all 3 flavours and had a hard time deciding which is my fav! I can finish a jar all by myself ???? I’m eating one now as I’m typing this heh.

  3. Jude

    These buttery cookies are aromatic even after multiple opening and closing of the lid, until the last cookie.
    The cookies are perfect for one biter, which not only is perfectly crafted to snack on, it proofs to be great to be eaten for different times of the day

  4. rach (verified owner)

    Omgggg super super amazing cookies that will melt in your mouth!! It’s really fragrant and you can’t stop at one!! Love all flavours but my heart leans towards the butter cookies just a little more hehe

  5. Michelle (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these cookies as they just melt in your mouth! Tastes even better if you leave it there for a few days before opening the tub! Will buy again!

  6. Jean

    You’ll know why this cookie is the signature once you have a taste! It’s so buttery and soft and really just melts in your mouth. It goes reaaaallly well with tea and coffee ????

  7. Wei Lin (verified owner)

    The butter cookies are so delicious!❤️ Its fragrance fill your mouth with every bite and it literally melts in your mouth! The cookies are thinner, so you won’t feel guilty after stuffing down ten of them at one go. Highly recommend! ????????

  8. Kylie T (verified owner)

    I like the cookies very much, especially love the signature butter cookies, super buttery and can’t stop eating, the cheese cookies also yummy as I like strong cheese taste ????????

  9. Jasmine Tan (verified owner)

    1st September 2020
    Giving thanks for the cookies encounter:
    1) Wonderful bundle offer ????
    2) Kind, understanding & thoughtful baker ????????‍????
    3) God’s peace & love in the midst of it all ❤️
    4) Safety over the deliverer when it was pouring heavily ????
    Thank you @cookiescolony for giving your best and putting in your heart to what you do ☺️❤️
    Your cookies are really so so so good that I couldn’t wait to pop them in my mouth! Yet after popping 1 of each flavour in my mouth, I had to tell myself stop! ????I could not bear to finish them all in one sitting ???? My friends also said, “Mmm~ Nice????”
    Your cookies melts-in-the-mouth ????
    Your service melts-the-heart ☺️
    Penguins of the Cookies Colony Unite! ????

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