Coffee Cookies with Dark Chocolate

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Soft crumbly cookies topped with dark chocolate chunks to elevate the coffee’s aroma.

Our Coffee Cookies will satisfy your chocolate cravings with its rich, melty chocolate chunks!

Yes, they are popular choices among adults and children.

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11 reviews for Coffee Cookies with Dark Chocolate

  1. Wendy

    Received this for sampling and I fell in love with it! I normally am not a fan of coffee flavored products, but this is definitely an exception! Paired with the gooey chocolate above it tastes like a dream. Definitely recommended!

  2. MJ

    Love the cookies! It completely satisfy my “chocoholic” craving for sure! The rich coffee flavour with a large chunk of dark chocolate which are soft and melt-in-your- mouth!!! Highly recommended~

  3. Mef

    Smells EXACTLY like Bourbon brand coffee biscuits! But the taste? it surpassed it greatly – incredibly rich aroma of coffee and strong flavor. Expect it to be like drinking straight outta a cup. Melts in your mouth and it’s not sweet . if you are in need of a coffee flavored treat, give this a go.

  4. Jessica (verified owner)

    Delicious and addictive cookies – you can’t just stop at one. Before you know it, half the tub is gone, so better order more!

    Recommended, and eagerly waiting for new flavours~

  5. Jun xiang (verified owner)

    Best cookies i had ever tasted. Very delicious coffee chocolate cookies. The buttery cookies just crumbles in the mouth and the coffee smell and taste is super Heavenly. Thankful tt my friend reccomended these cookies to me. ❤️????❤️????❤️????

  6. Jude

    Hey cookies colony!! Your version of coffee cookies with dark chocolate is really awesome. I mean it has a good snap to each cookie while still leaving a melt in my mouth experience. The fragrance from the coffee definitely compliments the melted chocolate well.

  7. pamelia soh (verified owner)

    this is the best butter cookies I’ve ever had! so good it literally melts in the mouth 🙂 love the coffee ones which go well with hot drinks and the parmesan on its own cos savoury goodness!!!! try it for yourself. confirm no regrets !

  8. Jasmine

    This flavour is a winner for me!! The chocolate is melty (not the cheap plasticky kind) and it melts in with the cookie which has the aroma of coffee. I love it so much and ration it. ????

  9. Jean

    Perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness! The dark chocolate rly balances out the coffee cookie. I typically don’t enjoy coffee but I’ve been craving these cookies whenever I wake up these days!

  10. Jasmine Tan (verified owner)

    1st September 2020
    Giving thanks for the cookies encounter:
    1) Wonderful bundle offer ????
    2) Kind, understanding & thoughtful baker ????????‍????
    3) God’s peace & love in the midst of it all ❤️
    4) Safety over the deliverer when it was pouring heavily ????
    Thank you @cookiescolony for giving your best and putting in your heart to what you do ☺️❤️
    Your cookies are really so so so good that I couldn’t wait to pop them in my mouth! Yet after popping 1 of each flavour in my mouth, I had to tell myself stop! ????I could not bear to finish them all in one sitting ???? My friends also said, “Mmm~ Nice????”
    Your cookies melts-in-the-mouth ????
    Your service melts-the-heart ☺️
    Penguins of the Cookies Colony Unite! ????

  11. N. Tang (verified owner)

    I got this along with two other flavours and this was my family’s favourite by far. They’re coffee and chocolate lovers so this was perfect for them. Furthermore, my mum is really fussy when it comes to dairy products and so when it comes to pastries/baked goods, it’s always hit-and-miss (that’s pretty generous— it’s usually a miss). I’m glad that she enjoyed these! These were really wonderful with a hot drink. The chocolate is also of a nice quality one, which mattered a lot to me, because I’m not a big chocolate lover. This worked nicely with the crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth coffee-rich cookies! Highly recommended~

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